Our Mission (Core Purpose)

Our mission is to be a dynamic, service based enterprise operating in the mining and industrial sectors.

We aim to:

  • Be the service company of choice for our customers;
  • Be valued and respected by our employees;
  • Deliver consistent returns to our shareholders with zero harm to people and environment and minimal risk to capital.

Our Vision (How we deliver our Mission)

Our vision is to deliver CERTAINTY for our stakeholders as we strive to fulfil our mission. Our measures of success are:
Certainty in Safety   Zero harm to people and the environment
Certainty in Quality Providing a supportive workplace and delivering superior outcomes
Certainty in Value       Meeting or exceeding expectations
In delivering our mission, our vision will be realised.


Our Values (Rules of the Game)

Our values define the attitudes and behaviour that shape our culture. They guide the decisions that we make and with whom we choose to interact.
We value:
Integrity       Behaving with honesty and respect to others
Leadership Having the courage to motivate and inspire
Innovation  Creating value in a new way
Passion           Committed to deliver to the best of our abilities