Maxitool Engineering design and manufacture world-class Liner Handlers that are supplied to both Australian and International clients. Designed by qualified and experienced Engineers, the Liner Handlers are manufactured to improve the safety and efficiency of grinding mill maintenance, to improve grinding mill profitability and to assist the safe and efficient liner exchanges during relining shutdowns. Maxitool Engineering’s Liner Handlers are designed to suit small to medium Ball, Rod, SAG and AG mills.

Core design philosophies of Maxitool Engineering are driven from over 25 years of hands on experience in process plant maintenance particularly in the area of mill relining. Simple, Robust and Functional design is the philosophy that we follow and many of the key features of our Liner Handlers are driven by the hands on experience gained from the many years of working in this sector.

Some key features include:

Mill relining is a high potential task in which personnel interact closely with the shifting of heavy loads. Our design philosophy recognises this risk and we design with the aim of eliminating this risk wherever possible.


Mill relining is a time and motion process and as such the machines need to be fast and precise. Our machines are designed to achieve optimal cycle times whilst remaining safe.


Process plant downtime is the greatest expense that a plant owner will experience and as such the reliability of key equipment used during this period is paramount. Reliability is a key feature of our equipment and every effort is made to that end.

Ease of maintenance

We recognise that the liner handlers are used relatively infrequently and as such there is often a lack of knowledge regarding these machine in terms of function and maintenance. Our aim is to design equipment that can be easily maintained and repaired by the site personnel.

Optimal design for shipment

The majority of mine sites are located in remote locations across the world. Wherever possible we design such that the equipment can be transported in standard shipping containers.

Maxitool Engineering has invested considerably in the design and development of a robust beam and crane system that provides the smallest cross sectional geometry possible. This compact beam and crane geometry allows penetration into the smallest of trunnion openings. Our machines can often be installed with the trunnion insert (if fitted) remaining in place thereby resulting in a significant saving in time.

Removing of the trunnion insert often requires that the ball charge be reduced in the lead up to shutdown resulting in production loss. It follows that being able to leave the trunnion insert in place results in a significant commercial benefit.

Once installed the Liner Handler can stroke the full length of a mill from the feed to the discharge and can remain inside the mill during inching rotations.

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