• What is the difference between a Liner Handler and a Mill Relining Machine (MRM)?

    None! Well that’s what we believe at Maxitool Engineering. One of the main tasks involved with exchanging liners in a grinding mill is the handling of new and spent liners between the grinding floor and inside the mill. This task can be categorised as “materials handling” and although competing manufacturers of relining systems name their Liner Handlers differently, essentially it is a Liner Handler. So whether it is a 3 axis, 8 axis or a type 7 axis liner handler it is still a Liner Handler at Maxitool Engineering.

  • Does Maxitool Engineering have a Liner Handler that can be used in mills with rubber liners?

    Yes! Maxitool Engineering is currently working with some of the world’s leading rubber liner manufacturers to design a Liner Handler for use with rubber liners.

  • Can Maxitool Engineering provide consultation services for the detailed design phase of grinding floors?

    Yes! There are many things to consider beyond the capital acquisition of a liner handler. Significant savings can be made to through-life maintenance and operation costs associated with a grinding circuit. Maxitool Engineering also provides a worldwide relining service through its mining services division. Our relining staff has used liner handlers from liner handler manufacturers around the world including McLellan Industries, RME and Revsol and so not only do we think we know what makes a good liner handler, we reckon we know what makes a good grinding floor layout and relining system.

  • Can I have a sales representative visit my country?

    Yes! Maxitool Engineering supplies liner handlers to the worldwide mining industry. Upon request one of our sales representatives can visit your site to discuss your exact needs and also to collect the necessary site data for our engineers to prepare a detailed proposal. There isn’t a country we haven’t been able to supply to. We also provide our aftermarket support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Can a Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler be installed onto a grinding floor designed for a liner handler by another manufacturer?

    Yes! The base of our liner handlers can be custom designed for retro fitting to any grinding floor design.

  • How can I check to see if the Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler is compatible with our lining system?

    Maxitool Engineering liner handlers are designed for compatibility with all of the world’s leading liner manufacturers lining systems. As part of the detailed study during the proposal stage, our engineers will review your lining system to ensure a compatible liner handling system is offered.

  • What critical spares would I need for a Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler?

    Due to the strong and robust design for all of the structural and mechanical components that make up a Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler the critical spares list is limited to mainly hydraulic components. We exclusively use Bosch Rexroth hydraulic power and control systems and as such the hydraulic components are available worldwide directly through the Bosch Rexroth supply network.

  • Can a Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler be supplied CE compliant?

    Yes! Maxitool Engineering can supply Liner Handlers with a CE statement of compliance into countries requiring CE Certification.

  • Is the Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler reliable?

    Yes! The Maxitool Engineering philosophy is to design liner handlers that are not only strong, robust and reliable but can also be maintained and repaired by utilising the skills of onsite maintenance personnel. The technology in our liner handlers is made for work in the most remote corners of the globe and is not so complex that only specialised technicians have to be flown in for emergency repairs or maintenance.

  • How can I request a quotation?

    It’s simple. We can offer fixed lump sum quotations or budget quotations for feasibility planning. After a request for a quotation is received we provide data collection forms that help us gather the necessary information to undertake a detailed study to prepare a proposal. Usually a site visit is required for fixed lump sum quotations however sometimes clients have accepted the responsibility for the information provided on the data collection forms to save costs associated with a site visit.

  • How can we prepare a cost justification report for a capital expenditure request?

    To objectively review the time difference for liner exchange events with and without a Liner Handler a measure of the liner exchange rates during a shutdown is required. Reports on lost time or liner exchanges per hour can then be submitted for consideration.

  • Why is Maxitool Engineering fast becoming a major player in the Liner Handler market?

    Prior to establishment, the owner of Maxitool Engineering, Peter Paterson owned and operated a successful global relining company that also designed and constructed Liner Handlers. When the owners accepted an offer to purchase their business he excluded ownership of the intellectual property for the Liner Handler design which also carried a patent. It was Peter’s intent to develop a Liner Handler range that was designed and manufactured to meet his exacting specification based on more than 20 years of experience as a reliner. Maxitool Engineering was established to carry this vision.Today the company is focusing on realising its goal of becoming a serious competitor in the global Liner Handler market. Maxitool Engineering is also in the design and development stage for bolt withdrawal and torque technologies to provide a complete relining system solution.

  • How does Maxitool Engineering transport a Liner Handler to our site?

    To mainland Australia based mine sites our Liner Handlers are usually transported largely intact by semi-trailer or low loader to their destinations. To all destinations outside of mainland Australia our Liner Handlers are packed into 40′ open top standard gauge shipping containers.

  • What climates can a Maxitool Engineering Liner Handler operate in?

    Our Liner Handlers are specifically designed, manufactured and tested for the climate they will operate in. During the proposal stage our engineers will collect climate data from the client and prepare a specifications for that climate. Our Liner Handlers can operate in extreme climate conditions such as in Sweden, Canada, USA (Alaska), Mongolia and Russia.