What is UHMWPE

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a new kind of engineered thermoplastic with molecular weight of more than 4.5g/mol.

  • Extremely high impact resistance; used in the production of body armour and ballistics helmets
  • Unparalleled chemical resistance in acidic or corrosive conditions, will never rust
  • Extremely smooth and self-lubricated surface (similar to Teflon) eliminating scaling in pipe lines, thereby eliminating pipe blockages and reducing downtime
  • Significantly greater wear resistance of any other pipe on the market with the same wall thickness.
  • Low cost; approximately 60% the cost of comparable wall thickness carbon steel

Lower Friction Loss

  • A lot less energy required to move material over the same distances
  • Ability to downsize pump sets in order to do the same duty
  • Reduction or complete elimination of boost pumps along pipe lines
  • Less fuel burn on diesel pump sets
  • Smaller electric motors on electric pump sets
  • Reduction in duties of existing pumps on sites – making them more efficient


  • Extremely low coefficient of friction therefore much reduced pumping costs per meter compared to other pipe
  • High Abrasion resistance
  • Multiple colour options
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Won’t conduct electricity
  • Light weight and simple to install and maintain on site
  • High impact resistance
  • No scaling means no blockages
  • Lower maintenance costs, much longer periods between need to rotate pipe in wear applications
  • Is recyclable

As well as UHMWPE, Maxitool Australia also provides the supply and installation of HDPE PE100 pipe and spools. We provide the onsite welding of poly pipe as well as on going monitoring and maintenance of pipework with periodic Ultra Sonic measurements of pipe wear. This allows Maxitool Australia to recommend rotation schedules which optimises the use of pipe on site.