Maxitool Mining now has the capability to deliver on site pressure cleaning and abrasive blasting. The D-115 Ultra BOSS is a self-sufficient, diesel powered high-pressure blasting/cleaning system, and can be used as a water only unit or combined low volume abrasive media injection system. The system can also be set-up to act as a standalone sandblasting system.

The D-115 is capable of pressures up to 40,000 psi at 3.1 gpm. This means that there is considerably less water to contain and dispose of.
This pressure fed system feeds virtually any abrasive media up to distances exceeding 500 ft away or up to 200 ft straight up. The abrasives are used to attain a wide variety of blasting specifications, including concrete preparation, profiling steel, white metal finish, degreasing and cleaning.

The D-115 can use traditional standard abrasives for high strip rates, as well as water soluble abrasives for environmentally sensitive work.
Using the micro media flow control system you can adapt to compete delicate blasting needs and requirements. The D-115 features include a robust 38cfm rotary screw air compressor. This means there’s no need for an external air source.

  • 10 hp 38cfm, heavy duty rotary screw air compressor.
  • Abrasive Pot – weatherproof cover: 3.5 cubic foot capacity.

Equipment Safety Features

The D115 is triggered electrically by the operator. This triggering system uses micro voltage technology via an intrinsic barrier to prevent any shock hazards to the operator or create a spark while working in flammable areas.

The low gpm directly relates to less operator fatigue due to reduced gun thrust.

When the trigger is engaged the unit will engage the PTO and the engine throttle. Engine RPM will increase until the HP pump pressure reaches the HP set point. When the trigger is disengaged the unit returns to an idle state and makes no pressure. This eliminates the need for un-loaders, dump valves and tumble boxes.