CLIENT: Paterson Family Trust
PROJECT: Design, Construction and Assembly of an Industrial Building

Engineering and preparation of construction drawings;
Fabrication of all structural steel;
Assembly of building including all steelwork and sheeting.

Specific Challenges:

  • Cost and Time Constrains
  • Height safety risk during construction.

Using contemporary design software significant effort was applied upfront with the aim of reducing material costs and required labour inputs by:

  • Optimising the application of NC cutting of parts
  • Laser etch marking of components for ease of parts identification during fabrication;
  • Tailoring the design to minimise welding and labour inputs during fabrication.

A modular construction method was adopted whereby the complete roof section was constructed as one module at ground level. This section was then raised into place using a multiple crane lift. The method allowed rapid construction and negated the requirement for personnel to construct and sheet the roof at height