CLIENT: Cape Flattery
PROJECT: Mining Project


  • Maxitool Mining was engaged to repair the wharf after the recent cyclone and to assist in making the wharf ready to load ships.


  • The wharf had sustained a considerable amount of damage. This damage had to be rectified within a short time frame. Getting materials for the repair to site was a challenge as all the roads were still blocked from the Cyclone. Weekly barge runs were the only options for moving bulk tools  and materials to site.


  • What was left of the grating was picked up and relocated where possible to be reused on the temporary works. The areas that had grating missing were re planked with temporary planks to make the wharf safe to access so ships could commence being loaded again. Scaffold was used to access difficult areas and create barricades for safety whilst works on the wharf were being carried out. The wharf repair was completed on time and without incident.