CLIENT: Century (MMG)
PROJECT: Apron Feeder Chain Replacement


  • The scope of work included the change out of chains and sprockets on the AF-001 Apron Feeder


  • There was no manual braking system on AF-001. Specialised tooling was engineered and fabricated to secure the chains while the AF001 was being worked on. A brake disc was attached to the left hand drive motor in place of where the fan sat. A hydraulic caliper arrangement was then used to stop the rotation of the feeder at any location needed.
    This was a critical path item during the shutdown so scheduling and performing the work on time was very important.


  • The chain and sprocket change out was completed ahead of schedule despite the pressures of uncontrolled lost time being imposed on the work crew. The end result was a well executed job that was completed safely without any harm to personnel or plant.