PROJECT: Century


We are contracted several times a year to mobilize one of specially designed Cutter Suction Dredge’s and associated pipework & equipment to site. There are two dams we clean out, one is 85 x 85 the other 75 x 30. Our task is to return as much water capacity as possible back to the processing plant.


The smaller dam, is invariably @ 95% capacity with solids and Specific Gravity (Sg) of 3+. The dredge is placed on/in the slurry and works a hole until there enough water for the dredge to operate to its capacity.
The water temperature is 55deg+ coupled with hot summer days of 40deg+ it can be quite a challenge, for personnel and equipment.


Over the year, the small dam had substantial growth, so we mobilised our Long Arm Excavator to remove the majority of the growth which allowed us to dredge the remaining solids direct to the tailings thickener. Successful removal of the weeds and the ongoing maintenance of the dams has meant an ongoing water capacity for the processing team.