CLIENT: Peabody
PROJECT: Coppabella Dredging


We were engaged to remove approximately 100,000m3 of product and return it back into the co-disposal. The dam was at capacity, and the process plant water was being contaminated by the silts and fines contained in the dam.


As the dam was at capacity, we were initially challenged by the deployment of the dredge. With a long arm excavator we were able to dig a hole that allowed the dredge to float.


Not long into the project we began to notice the materials being pumped to the co-disposal were returning to dam at a rate of 50% or more. Site were aware and had already begun the development of new co-disposal cell. Once we pumped to the new cell the return rate was less than 2%. The whole project was definitely a success, keeping the CHPP in clean water for processing.