CLIENT: Yancoal
PROJECT: Dredging – Mt Thorley Warkworth TP4


To remove an estimated 50,000m3 of material from the TP4 dam and deposit it approximately 1.2 km’s away using a slurry booster pump.


Due to the time-critical nature of this project, site requested that 24 hour, 7 day per week operations be conducted. The dam contained an accumulation of flocculated coal fines from the thickener as well as site run-off silts which were getting picked up by the in situ electric water return pump and causing constant pump outages and damage.


Maxitool Australia conducted 24/7 dredging operations using our horizontal auger dredge to remove more than the estimated 50,000m3 of solids from the dam in just over a month. The Client was able to reinstate the clean water supply to the CHPP and eliminate unnecessary future wear on their pump. Bathymetric surveys were also undertaken before and after the project.