How our Hydrographic Survey Solution can benefit you

When considering how our hydrographic survey solution can benefit you, you need to consider the science of hydrographic survey which involves the description and measurement of features – primarily underwater features – that affect dredging, maritime navigation and construction, offshore oil drilling and exploration, as well as other related activities. Maritime cartography is the final result of collecting hydrographic survey data, such as information on the soundings, tides, shorelines, sea floor, currents and submerged obstacles.

As a primary use in Australia, this science was (and still is) used by military(specifically, the Navy’s Australian Hydrographic Service) and other Government agencies for the purpose of assisting safe navigation, creating maritime trade abilities, enabling search and rescue operations and supporting protection of the marine environment. A recent example of their use of hydrographic survey includes the ongoing deep-sea search for the missing Malaysian passenger liner, MH370, which is assumed to be lying somewhere off the coast of Perth. Smaller hydrographic survey solutions, such as ours, are much more effective in defining dam profiles and available water for the agricultural, mining and resources industries.

We provide our clients with an extremely cost-effective, innovative hydrographic survey solution that does not damage the survey area in any way. Our survey boat – Mini Maxi – is portable, remote controlled to a distance of up to 1200m and is a highly effective tool for data collection. By transferring data live from our boat to the onshore controller, we are able to perform a thorough, detailed scan with no errors, delivering accurate data, every time. This also allows for dangerous areas or exclusion zones to be safely and accurately mapped, with no danger to staff, equipment, landscape or other objects within the mapping area.

With our use of advanced software, Maxitool Australia can provide you with a highly detailed report and map of the body of water, from 0.3m up to 100m depth. Our data also includes both the volumes of water and the surface area and is available in an output of 2D, 3D, DXF, CSV and TXT, ensuring that you have the information that you need, when you need it!

(The most common request is dxf files for importing into site software such as Vulcan)

If you are interested in our hydrographic survey solution, give us a call or email us today and we will work with you to gain you the perfect solution.