The Maxitool Mill Reline courses combine the operational (workplace) context with the unit criteria to enable You, the participant, to attain valuable knowledge and skill based on units of competency to be competent in the workplace for both operator and supervisor positions.

These courses can be completed individually or within a class room situation depending on the circumstances and needs of Maxitool. Each course has several units to go through that have various things to do and see. You, the participant, can read through the material, and scroll over the pictures to get more information, listen to the audio and watch movies related to the topic. You then answer the questions and move to the next topic. You can come back at any time and continue where you left off. Your results will be collected and reviewed by the Supervisor. If you have any questions or problems please contact your Supervisor to assist.

Click on the course that you have been assigned to complete and enjoy your online eLearning experience.

Certificate I Mill Relining

Certificate II in Mill Relining

Certificate III in Mill Relining