Mini Dredge in action

Maxitool Australia’s new Mini-Dredge in action on a desludging project in Queensland!

This machine was designed and built in-house. It can be used to service smaller impoundments and those where access to launch and retrieve a larger dredge is not available. Plastic pond liners are safe with our specifically designed auger head. The dredge is compact and lightweight and can be towed (and launched, depending on access) using an LV and a special trailer. For freight to remote areas the system can be packed into a 20ft shipping container.

Here it can be seen paired with Geotube dewatering containers from Geofabrics Australasia and polymer dosing. This allows the solids to be captured and water returned to the pond. Once dried, the tubes can be opened, and the solids disposed of using a truck and shovel. This solution can also be applied using larger dredges.

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