CLIENT: Wesfarmers
PROJECT: Curragh - Dredging


Equipment was mobilised to site to dredge Retention Dam 7 (RD7) the dam water was used as a truck fill point and also in the processing plant. There was an unknown quantity of slurry to be removed as there were no as built drawings. The product was coal fines with some other naturals and silts. We placed a booster 800m away alongside a disused hall road. Total distance to pump was 1.6klm with a static head of 35m.y.


Interaction with heavy vehicles (water carts) in our work area was managed by positive communications and a demarcation barrier for the dredging equipment and LV to be placed.


At the conclusion of the project we identified that we had removed approximately 55,000m3 of product. This was further proven to be accurate, as we deployed our Hydrographic survey boat to conduct a bathymetric survey.